Civic awareness

between theoretical concepts and practicality

between theoretical concepts and practicality

The current study is important as a scientific contribution to assessing the civic awareness project implemented by the ACU in several parts of the North-West of Syria over two phases spanning almost a year. The outputs of the first phase aimed at strengthening the role of local civil society actors (women’s organizations and networks, education, legal and health organizations, and individual activities) as factors of change. In its first phase, the project was a pilot phase during which sufficient information was gathered on people in northern Syria with regard to the concepts of civic participation, and a clear vision and reactions of how they would react when they heard terms such as active citizenship, democracy, election, and human rights specifically the right of women and girls, civil peace, dialogue and disagreement, and opposing opinions.8 And the second phase, which aimed to empower civil society actors in the targeted team work areas (implementing and supportive) to increase their civic participation. One of the most notable results of the first phase was that most people had a negative impression of certain terms of civic participation, due to the lack of appropriate awareness and lack of efforts to have an effective dialogue with local communities with regard to the definitions and uses of these terms. Therefore, efforts have been intensified to generalize the conditions for civil participation among the targeted communities and to prepare them for the next stage in Syria, i.e., the post-conflict stage, where people must realize the meaning of civil peace, justice, and peacebuilding. to ensure stability among members of local communities; Therefore, they must be prepared to properly deal with the conditions of civil participation and to effectively interact with the requirements of this stage. The importance here is highlighted by knowing the impact of the civic awareness project through its first and second phases among the community in the north-western Syrian regions: the site of the implementation of the project

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