Vaccine Coverage Survey

Northern Syria

Northern Syria

This vaccination coverage survey was planned and implemented in favor of Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU). EWARN is the technical program that represents the head of core team and oversight of all phases and activities of the survey and own its results. The survey was conducted by independent volunteer staff in Tell Abiad and Ras Al Ain districts. Survey data was analyzed by EWARN Technical support team, Dr. Mohammed Salem, Dr. Amar Al-Ani, Dr. Anas El-Ftaieh, Dr. Turki Daher, and Dr. Wael Alfadel who have imparted their expertise in supporting the survey while program manager supported the planning and implementation of the survey throughout all phases as the head of survey core group. Thanks to the EWARN data management unit, Eng. Hiba Alwan, Eng. Jamal Jaadan who provided immense help in establishing the data base of the survey and providing critical analysis to dose validity and mapping. Also, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Mamdouh Samuel for supporting the survey using BMGF funds. Finally, we would like to express our deep appreciation for the dedication of field workers and independent field supervisors from Qatar Red Crescent (QRC), those who completed the work with high quality and according to plans.

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