Displacement in Northern Aleppo

On Monday, 5 February, 2016 Syrian regime forces arrived to Nobol sub-district within Aleppo governorate cutting off the road between northern and southern Aleppo countryside; afterwards they took control over Masqan and Ahras villages aiming at cutting the route between the eastern countryside and A’zaz sub-district so they could completely cut the fuel supply path to liberated areas.

Syrian Democratic Forces controlled Tall Refaat city and Kafrnaya and Kafr Naseh villages in their quest to take control of Mare’ city or besieging it. At the same time, clashes continue between opposition forces and Syrian Democratic Forces at Kaljibrin village.

A large wave of displacement set off from combat areas and areas controlled by the The Syrian regime, especially after the advance of regime forces in Tall Refaat. Therefore, all civilians in the north Aleppo countryside gathered within A’zaz sub-district. The population of Tall Refaat sub-district was estimated of about 60,000 civilians including IDPs. A’zaz population was estimated of about 90,000 civilians including IDPs before the recent displacement, the population of IDPs in the border camps in A’zaz was estimated of about 40,000 civilians and after the latest events, about 15,000 IDPs arrived from ISIL controlled areas

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