IDPs camp monitoring report

Northern Syria Edition 22

The Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU) has issued the 22nd monthly monitoring report on the internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps the north of Syria. Assessment has been made to characterize the living conditions of those displaced persons within the camps during May 2015.
The total number of assessed camps has increased during May compared to April, in that 168 instead of 162 camps have been assessed. The research team covered 6 additional camps – Shuhada’ Abdien, Sahl Al Ghab I, Ahbab Al Rasoul in Al Rahmeh cluster, Al Khaliej Al Arabi Martyr camp in Qah cluster, Amal Al Awdeh camp in Al Karameh cluster and Omar Al Faruq camp in Kherbet Al Jouz cluster.
The displacement surge goes on in May, with approximately 423 households from Hama governorate, 312 from Idleb and 4 from Aleppo. The total number of displaced persons has been around 3930 individuals. Most households have moved to Atma cluster, same as last months. An additional number of 280 households from Sahl Alghab in both Hama and Idleb governorates have been displaced to Salqin cluster due to battles observed in the region during May.
The Islamic State (ISIL) is still controlling Jarablus cluster with services prevented from reaching the camp dwellers. This status has many impacts on the various sections in general. Human Appeal Organization provided food baskets to some camps. 165 tents have been supplied to the Bab Salameh camp via IHH. The British Monitor Organization sprayed insecticides in a number of camps to curb the Leishmania outbreak, which has already spread over 138 camps out of 168 assessed camps.

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