Income and expenditure assessment

in Northern Syria

Amidst a 13-year-long Syrian conflict, exacerbated by displacement, the global COVID-19
pandemic, and the aftermath of the 2023 earthquakes, the Northwest (NWS) region faces
unique economic challenges. Reliant on the Turkish Lira, it grapples with rising living costs,
stagnant incomes, and currency devaluation, impacting household finances.
The ACU's study delves into this crisis, revealing alarming dependence on irregular labor and
child labor as crucial income sources for many families. Economic hardships in northern Syria,
particularly in the northwest region, are starkly evident as household incomes fall below the
survival minimum expenditure basket. Severe economic challenges, exacerbated by housing
costs and debt, underscore the urgent need for targeted interventions. With only 35% receiving
humanitarian aid, the study highlights limited local access to essential services and significant
financial shortfalls in meeting basic needs. The methodology involved a random sample survey
of 2,234 households in areas outside the regime control of northern Syria, conducted by 102
IMU enumerators, aiming to shed light on the critical economic hardships faced by families in
the region.
In essence, the ACU's household survey serves as a critical tool to comprehend the intricate
economic challenges faced by the population in areas outside the regime control of northern
Syria. By highlighting these realities, the study not only informs but also calls for urgent and
targeted interventions to alleviate the financial burdens and foster sustainable livelihoods in the

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