Schools in Northern Syria Camps – Edition: 06

Interactive map

The 6th edition of the Schools in Camps Report, released by IMU of ACU, aims to address the information gap regarding camp schools in northern Syria. This comprehensive report covers all camp schools located in areas outside the control of the Syrian regime within the Idleb and Aleppo governorates in northwestern Syria. In total, 208 schools within 189 IDP camps were included in this edition of the report.

The interactive maps provided below offer valuable information at both the school and camp levels. Additionally, a collection of pictures depicting the assessed schools within the camps is included, highlighting the pressing need for support and restoration in these educational facilities.

The interactive map provides an overview of the assessed clusters, offering general information about each cluster. This includes details such as the number of covered camps within each cluster, the number of schools assessed, and the number of students within those schools. In total, the study covered 27 clusters in the assessment.

The interactive map displays comprehensive information about the camps within the clusters, focusing on the number of students across different age groups.

The interactive map provides valuable information about students and teachers in the schools. By clicking on a specific school, you can access data on the number of male and female students, the number of male and female teachers, the school’s capacity, as well as relevant information at the camp level. Clicking on any camp reveals information about the number of school-age students categorized by age and gender.

The interactive map displays crucial information regarding the needs and priorities of the assessed camps. By selecting a specific camp, you can access data on the top three priorities identified for that particular camp.

The following set of exclusive photos showcases the condition of the schools within the camps. Each photo captures different aspects of the school environment, highlighting the facilities, infrastructure, and overall conditions.

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