Schools in Syria – Edition: 09

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Schools in Northern Syria” is an annual study conducted to assess the education sector in areas outside the control of the Syrian regime in northern Syria. Its main purpose is to gather information on the current state of schools, the needs of the education sector, and the perspectives of key stakeholders, including teachers, school principals, parents, and students. The study also aims to shed light on the challenges faced by students in accessing education and the obstacles they encounter.

Additionally, the study examines various indicators related to child protection and assesses whether schools meet the standards set by the International Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) and the Sphere standards. By collecting comprehensive data, the study provides a holistic overview of the education landscape in northern Syria, enabling policymakers and organizations to make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions to improve the education system in the region.

For the eighth edition of the study, data was collected during the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year in collaboration with 21 humanitarian organizations dedicated to the education sector. The study encompasses information from 4,066 schools located in 71 districts across six governorates. The data was collected through 24,157 electronic forms, which included 20,090 perception surveys. The rigorous data collection process concluded on January 5, 2023, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the education sector in northern Syria during that specific time frame.

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