Winterization Needs in Northwestern Syria Camps – Fact Sheet

In the heart of winter’s unforgiving embrace, the plight of displaced persons in Northwestern Syria takes center stage, demanding our unwavering attention and immediate action. Welcome to the 8th edition of ‘Winter Needs in NWS Syria Camps.’ Within these pages, we illuminate the vital demographic insights within these camps, the critical state of their shelters, and the urgent call for repairs. This comprehensive infographic report, meticulously crafted by the Information Management Unit (IMU) of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), serves as a poignant testament to the concerns and voices of residents, particularly the most vulnerable among them, echoing like a resounding cry through the frigid winds of uncertainty.

This report endeavors to delineate the paramount needs and priorities of those teetering on the brink of winter’s unforgiving grasp, serving as a guiding light for effective responses in the covered IDP camps. Our study covered 1,295 IDP camps in NWS, primarily in Aleppo and Idleb governorates. Drawing upon a questionnaire developed by the IMU team, with valuable inputs from the CCCM Cluster and Shelter Cluster in the Turkey Cross-border response, our enumerators engaged in interviews with key informants. These included camp management, humanitarian organizations operating within northern Syria’s camps, community leaders, local councils, and the resilient IDPs who call these camps home.

To complement this report, the IMU has also released a captivating video, offering a visual journey through the study’s key findings, featuring real photos captured within Syrian IDP camps. To view the video and join our collective call to action, simply click on the link provided.

The time for action is upon us, and this report stands as our united call to heed the imperative. Together, let us make a profound difference in the lives of those who depend on our compassion and commitment.

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