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The Syrian Regime since the beginning of the crisis has deliberately applied a specific policy on all areas that went out of his control. This policy included besieging those areas aiming to subjugate its citizens by depriving them of basic living requirements. Since the beginning of the month of May 2016, the Syrian regime forces accompanied with Russian Air Force (RuAF) have launched a massive bombardment operation targeting the road of Castello and the eastern and northern neighborhoods of Aleppo city. The regime aimed to cut the main supply route of Aleppo city and apply a total blockade on it. The relentless bombardment was accompanied with the advance of Syrian government forces on Castello, Bani Zaid and Al-Ashrafiyeh fronts. In the end, regime forces gained control over Bani Zaid and Al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhoods and several areas on Al-Mallah front and entirely cut off the Castello road on July 6, 2016.

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