Death in Aleppo

Aleppo is the second most significant city in Syria after Damascus. Up to the start of the civil war, Aleppo was as well the leading industrial city in Syria. In July 2012, Aleppo was lost to GoS control which formed a major turning point in the history of the Syrian civil uprising. The GoS immediately tried to regain control of the city. After a few days, having failed to retake the city, the city was repeatedly subjected to aerial bombardments. Barrels Bombs Were Used for the First Time to Bomb Aleppo City. During the civil war, the GoS has applied a strategy to besiege all areas out of its control, where infrastructure, medical and health facilities are systematically destroyed, aiming to displace the civilians in the besieged areas. This strategy was implemented in Rural Damascus where the GoS deliberately displaced the civilians from several areas after besieging it for several years. Until very recently…

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