Humanitarian situation in Syria

The peaceful movement in Syria started on March 15, 2011, after some children from Dar’a governorate in the South of Syria were killed by Syrian intelligence because they have written phrases against the Syrian regime. Afterward, the Syrian people demanded to punish the responsible people for those crimes by going out in peaceful demonstrations that was suppressed by the regime using live ammunition which increased the people’s anger. The use of violence to repress the peaceful movement and the increase in the number of victims raised the people’s demands to end the regime’s rule in the country. The regime reacted by using its army, heavy artillery and killing against civilians all those actions resulted in the desertion of many officers and form the Free Syrian Army. Aleppo city has entered the armed movement on July 28, 2012, after suffering from the regime’s ascendancy and civilians’ arrests. The FSA has appeared in Aleppo City which is located in the North of Syria at the beginning of 2012, it contains a high population density in addition to the big number of IDPs who were settled in Aleppo. Aleppo’s population in 2012 was estimated at 4,600,000 people within nearly 85 km2 area.

The regime’s reaction in Aleppo was violent, where it bombed the city with explosive bombs on the fourth day after it went out of its control without trying to use any alternative. Regime’s warplanes bombed the civilians’ neighborhoods of Aleppo on August 1, 2012, using explosive barrel bombs. Hundreds of victims were killed on a daily basis and many civil facilities were destroyed due to the massive destructive power of explosive barrels in a highly crowded city and within small areas. Around 60% of the city’s neighborhoods are out of the regime’s control and contained 2,600,000 civilians before the regime used explosive barrels. Until now the population has decreased to 400,000 persons only within the destroyed parts of the city that constitutes 85% of the city’s neighborhoods. Now, Aleppo City has become a stricken city after it was the first industrial city in Syria.

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