Northern Syria camps

With the lingering war, its bitter reality and unprecedented level of agony, winter approaches again to cast its long shadow over the IDPs camps in northern Syria, add to the existing natural disasters there and weigh heavily on their IDPs.

Hence, and in cooperation with AFAD (Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Authority), the IMU of the ACU issues its “Northern Syria Camps DYNAMO Report”.

This report reflects the conditions of 320 camps assessed in Aleppo and Idleb governorates by covering multiple sectors and relevant details and circumstances and supporting them with visualized figures and shapes to maximize the impact of the response, perfect its timeliness and proportionality with the size of needs and numbers of IDPs and prevent the risks of the many disasters which taken many lives and added to their tragedies.

The report includes general information on the camps, their residents and suffered difficulties in winter 2019, in addition to the status of the WASH, food security and health sectors and winterization needs there. The report is concluded with some recommendations based on comparing the conditions of those camps with the Sphere Project standards.

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