Political Consciousness and Engagement

in Northern Syria

The political system in Syria appears to be a democratic system on paper, but in reality, Syria has been ruled with a secure grip and the Assad family has monopolized power for over 50 years. Political activities were only allowed through the ruling Ba’ath Party and its affiliated parties. After the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in 2011, priority was not given to supporting political awareness.

The report highlights aspects related to society that contribute to raising political awareness among its members, including following local and international news, developing political awareness, and overcoming obstacles that hinder its development into an active practice within the reality of the Syrian revolution, manifested in effective civil institutions with impact, and political participation of women.

The report then focuses on political awareness of the political process in Syria after the ongoing war. The study presents a set of recommendations based on the main findings. The recommendations focus on supporting the building of an independent political personality among youth that encourages them to positively engage with societal issues, working within collective frameworks of societal forces, and active contribution to any political process by all segments of society, particularly women.

The study data was collected in November 2022, and the study relied on a representative sample that included face-to-face interviews with 803 respondents in areas outside the control of the regime in northeastern and northwestern Syria.

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