Winter Needs

In northern Syria camps

other With the onset of winter, to mark a new year seasons’ cycle, welcomed and liked by many, it nevertheless equally marks anround of suffering and hardship for the IDPs and forcibly displaced people, to the extent that, contrary to those many who like it; it is for all people staying in camps unwelcomed and disliked. In every year a number of camp residents lose their lives because of the cold. In 2015, the storm named Huda hit the Middle East and resulted in the death of 15 IDPs in the Syrian camps, found with their bodies frozen in the cold. Likewise, in 2016, 3 newborns were reported dead in the northern Syrian camps. Similarly, in the winter of 2017, 3 cases of people falling dead were recorded in the camps of Qah, Kherbet Aljouz, and Jarablus. Syrians staying in the northern camps are experiencing deteriorating situations; increasing in numbers every year with ebbing support provided to help them through. Most of the time the humanitarian organizations would respond or take action when it is too late, i.e. after the disaster would have taken place, and roads are closed, and it becomes practically impossible to get access to the support-needs destination; a delay that results in people falling to their death due to the cold weather.

The IMU of the ACU, issues its fourth edition of the “Winter Needs in the Northern Syrian Camps” report, addressing 234 camps in the governorates of Aleppo and Idleb. The report brings to light the most important items that IDPs are in need for in terms of type and quantities, according to international standards for humanitarian response. It furthermore, brings emphasis to bear on the course of action that IDPs, as well as the camp management teams, should follow to drive down the effects of natural disasters that may put their lives at risk. Noting that the number of families that ACU enumerators were able to assess their needs reached 46,145 families, making up an overall individual number of 252,052 IDPs.

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